Effervescent Benefits

A well designed effervescent tablet can allow a large dose of ingredients to be taken in a single serving. The organic food acid combines with the carbonate source to form potassium, sodium, calcium and magnesium salts of the acid, and buffers the solution to a normal pH, so it is easy on the stomach. Clinical studies performed on a variety of effervescent products demonstrate that the ingredients penetrate the blood stream within as little as 15 minutes.

Why Effervescent?
Effervescent products offer a unique and advantageous delivery system
• Bio-available - easily absorbed into the blood stream
• Portable – pet owners can take them anywhere ( camping! work! home! vacation! on the go! ) and use them with any water source

1. Better and quicker absorption
In water, the effervescent tablets produce a pleasant tasting solution due to our natural flavor contained in the tablets. In conventional solid tablets, compounds dissolve slowly in the stomach, which frequently delays or reduces absorption. With effervescent tablets dissolved in a liquid, the ingredients are absorbed quickly, completely, and uniformly. The effervescence also creates a protected "buffered" solution that passes quickly into the small intestine for immediate absorption. The absorption time frame for conventional pills, gels or soluble powders can range anywhere between 30-60 minutes to start whereas absorption of effervescent tablets take place in as little as 15 minutes.

2. Optimal compatibility
After swallowing, conventional solid tablets or capsules are transported to the stomach where they dissolve gradually. They are also bombarded with digestive enzymes and harsh acidic conditions which can damage and degrade the nutrients prior to reaching the blood stream. The passage time varies in different dogs, depending on anatomical and physiological factors. In case of a longer passage time, solid dosage forms can dissolve partially and this may cause irritation of mucous membranes. With a dissolved effervescent tablet, the ingredients are evenly distributed in the solution, so that high, localized concentrations cannot occur. The solution of the effervescent tablet contains a balanced ratio of acids and carbonates. This balance is called a buffer, and the buffer shields the product from the harsh stomach conditions for more efficient passage into the small intestine.

3. Advantages in case of swallowing problems
Many dogs have problems swallowing solid tablets or capsules and this situation offers an additional challenge for pet parents to get their canine pals to swallow them. Furthermore, trying to squeeze a gel pack into a dog's mouth can present a whole new set of challenges. Effervescent tablets are a good alternative for this stressful dilemma.

4. Simple handling and measuring into exact doses
Effervescent tablets can simply be dissolved in your dog’s water bowl or squirt bottle, and after a short period of time, a palatable solution is ready for drinking. This is a great advantage over having to dissolve granules or powders. Granules and instant powders must be measured first, and then stirred in the glass several times to obtain a uniform solution. With effervescent tablets, the dose is standardized, and the liquid quantity is variable depending on the product of choice.

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