Frequently Asked Questions

Finicky Dogs - My dog won't drink Rehydrate, any tips for what I can do to get them to drink it?
Yes, dogs are creatures of smell (10,000-100,000 times as acute to ours) so sometimes adding something to their water or food can cause them to reject it until they're used to it. This is normal and not a problem as there are ways to help them become acclimated to the taste. First, try cutting the dosage in half, and or, feed your dog "wet" by pouring the solution over their food. Also, some users of the product will put a piece of bread in with the mixture or will present by making into ice cubes or serving at room temperature (lukewarm water). Bottom line, be creative until your dog develops a taste for the product.

Can one Rehydrate tablet be dissolved into more than 16 ounces of water?
Yes, however, diluting a Rehydrate tablet more than what is recommended reduces its effectiveness with regards to osmolality. For more information on osmolality, please visit the Science section of this web site.

Why is Rehydrate better than other sports drinks?
Multiple years of research have gone into Rehydrate to assure that its formula is optimal. Our goals were to provide a convenient final product that would be isosmotic and palatable to ensure intake of fluids when dogs are active, and to be conservative in its ingredient components. In addition, unlike traditional powdered products which are messy and require pre-mixing of measured doses, Rehydrate comes in an easy to use tablet form that dissolves quickly in water.

When should I give Rehydrate to my dog?
You can give Rehydrate to your dog anytime he/she is visibly thirsty or active. Rehydrate is not just for the serious athletic dog, but can benefit all dog's that enjoy being physically active.

Why is Rehydrate better than plain water?
To learn more about why water does not put back everything that is lost through exercise, please visit our Science section.

Should I dissolve half a tablet into 16 ounces of water for my smaller dog?
You can, but again this reduces the osmolality because Rehydrate is formulated to be volume dependent, rather than weight dependent, one tablet dissolved into 16 ounces of water (or two tablets dissolved into 32 ounces of water) is sufficient for dogs of all sizes. Also, because everything is in fluid form, if the animal does not need it, then it will urinate out what is left over.

What is the osmolality of Rehydrate?
In scientific terms, osmolality is a term used to describe the concentration of particles dissolved in a solution. Optimal absorption of fluids within the body happens when solutions are equal in terms of osmolality and what naturally occurs in the body. The osmolality of Rehydrate is close to that of our dogs blood, a factor that helps assure rapid absoption.

What are the electrolytes in Rehydrate?
In Rehydrate, the key electrolytes are the minerals chloride, sodium and potassium.

What is the shelf life of Rehydrate once it is dissolved into water?
Once dissolved into water, Rehydrate should be consumed within 2-3 days and any unused portion prior to that should be stored in the refrigerator at a standard temperature of about 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Why does Rehydrate come in a plastic tube and cap?
The packaging Rehydrate comes in is based on convenience and protects the effervescent tablets from ultra-violet light and moisture. It also comes with a tamper resistant band to ensure safety.