Hydration & Science

Veterinarians use fluid replacement frequently to treat animals that suffer electrolyte loss through diarrhea and vomiting. They create an “isotonic” solution that will mimic the ion levels found in the blood stream (285 mOsmol/kg of water) and essentially rebalance the system by imbuing the plasma with any lost ions. Rehydrate can be used therapeutically at a two-tablet dose to provide the best hydration for animals that have pronounced fluid losses.

Fluid osmolality refers to the concentration of particles dissolved in a solution. In the blood stream this refers to the proteins, ions, and anything dissolved in the plasma. The normal range of canine plasma is between 280-300 mOsmol/kg of water. Rehydrate is designed so that one tablet dissolved in 16oz. of water provides 145 mOsmol/kg of water (290 mOsmol/kg of water for a therapeutic two tablet dose in 16oz.) compared to 6 mOsmol/kg for plain tap water. This causes a dilution of the plasma in the blood stream. If plasma osmolality decreases, water must enter cells and the cellular volume increases. Therefore drinking tap water can cause cellular water retention and bloating where as Rehydrate will reduce the cellular volume increase and supply much needed ions to the blood stream.

Water has no flavor so it is difficult for most dogs to consume enough to stay well hydrated. Our research has shown that dogs will consume a greater volume of flavored water verses plain water. In addition, while water plays an important role in your dog’s overall health, it contains no nutritional value and its main purpose is to carry and move important nutrients into and out of the cells of the body. It aids in the digestion of food and helps the body to absorb the nutrients. In addition, water serves to cool the body down and works to maintain normal body temperature. Water lubricates and cushions joints and makes movement easier. Basically, every important body function requires water and that’s why Rehydrate utilizes the role water plays in your dog’s body to deliver essential supplements via effervescent technology better and faster than that of traditional methods.

Effervescent technology, often referred to as the “ultimate delivery system” is the key to the products success. This delivery system used by the Rehydrate product line is revolutionary to the pet industry. According to Clinical Therapeutics (volume 28, issue 5 from May of 2005), effervescent delivery provides a balanced pH so that when a canine ingests it, this product optimizes the stomach pH and creates the perfect conditions for the stomach’s absorption of all kinds of nutrients. Furthermore, the Physicians’ Desk Reference suggests that approximately 90% of supplements that are offered in capsule or tablet form, the most commonly used method, are virtually ineffective and claim that for every $100 spent, $90 is wasted. The problem is that these tablets just don’t match up well with human or canine digestive systems. Compare these types of supplements to a “liquid” effervescent delivery system and the same evidence shows that 90%-100% of the supplement is absorbed. Why?

In short, because the effervescent format bypasses the digestive process and the nutrients are directly absorbed into the blood stream and into the cellular structures (cells), making them much more effective for anyone that takes them, including our pets. Our formulas also contain zero calories and absolutely no sugar. There is no scummy layer floating on the surface of the water or undesired sedimentation of potentially key nutrients. Rehydrate products aim for a clean, clear dissolution to deliver all of the intended benefits.