Testimonials for Rehydrate

Video Testimonial Chris Jobman

Chris Jobman - Bayard, NE
When I first heard of Rehydrate I was a bit skeptical... More>>

Video Testimonial Clint Johnson

Clint Johnson - El Paso, AR
We tried Rehydrate after the SRS Crown Championship a ... More>>

Video Testimonial Lyle Steinman

Lyle Steinman - Stewartsville, MO
During the early summer of 2006, we started using Rehydrate... More>>

Tim Calhoun

Tim Calhoun - Tomahawk, WI
Even after one dose of Rehydrate I notice a difference with my dog... More>>

Deb West

Deb West - Waterloo, IL
Last summer I spent some time down south. The weather was warmer than... More>>

Maggie Heilmann

Maggie Heilmann - Sommerset, WI
I need to keep my Alaskan Huskies hydrated. Rehydrate helps them... More>>

Bill Autrey

Bill Autrey - Bentley, LA
I have been using the Rehydrate product about 2 years now.... More>>

Tony Vandemore

Tony Vandemore - Kirksville, MO
My dog Ruff is fortunate in that he gets to hunt almost... More>>

Brian Lewis

Brian Lewis
Since I first come in contact with the rehydrate product... More>>

Michelle Schwartzbauer

Michelle Schwartzbauer
I just love this product! So easy to use versus the messy... More>>

Ben Brown

Ben Brown
I am currently deployed to Iraq with my Military Working Dog, Amis.... More>>

Chris Jobman

Chris Jobman - Baynard, NE
When I first heard of Rehydrate I was a bit skeptical.... More>>

David Valentine

David Valentine - Union, SC
I have tried several different similar products which were OK but... More>>

Burt Fosse

Burt Fosse - Isanti, MN
I have been training and hunting with Chesapeakes and Labs for many years.... More>>

Wayne Dibbley

Wayne Dibbley - Cottom, Ontario
We train young retrievers every day in Southern Ontario... More>>

Heath Wiersma

Heath Wiersma - Duluth, MN
I have been using Rehydrate for the past few years.... More>>

Elizabeth Howell

Elizabeth Howell
The hunting season has come and gone, but I wanted to provide you with some feedback... More>>

Randy Anderson

Randy Anderson
Rehydrate, the rehydration supplement for dogs, has been a large boost to our program.... More>>

Thomas Poorker

Thomas Poorker
I have been training dogs for over 25 years and have seen... More>>

Troy Bailey

Troy Bailey - Firth, NE
Rehydrate was recommended to me by a good friend and once my dogs started... More>>

Pete Fischer

Pete Fischer - Albany, MN
As a professional retriever trainer in Minnesota, our dogs work in a variety of elements.... More>>

Jim Jackson

Jim Jackson
I had to let you know after using this product with our K9's... More>>

Chuck Ross

Chuck Ross - Pierre, SD
When your dogs hunt for a living hydration is essential... More>>

Marty Griner

Marty Griner - Grovetown, GA
We started using Rehydrate in the spring of 2007.... More>>

Jack & Laura Morris

Jack & Laura Morris - Giddings, TX
Training in Texas on Mondays we do single marked retrieves on land ... More>>

Lance Stancik

Lance Stancik - La Grange, TX
The first time I had the opportunity to try Rehydrate was ... More>>

Brandon Mitchell

Brandon Mitchell - Gainesville, GA
I expect alot form my retrievers. From the extensive training, ... More>>

Terry Price

Terry Price - Monroe, NC
Here at Oakridge Kennels we began using Rehydrate in early 2007.... More>>

Trevor Gramling

Trevor Gramling - Paragould, AR
When I first heard about Rehydrate, I thought that it was just another gimmick.... More>>

Danny Farmer

Danny Farmer
I run competitive Field Trials Dogs. I started using your product last... More>>

Jean Gunderson

Jean Gunderson
Whether it's after one of our runs, playing fetch, chasing the kids around... More>>

Pat Johnson

Pat Johnson - Caputa, SD
I started using Rehydrate during the summer of 2007... More>>

Nathan Shroeder

Nathan Shroeder - Chilsolm, NM
We had a dog that was extremely dehydrated and when offered Rehydrate... More>>

Doug Williams

Doug Williams - Troy, AL
Whether in a UFTA Upland Flushing Trial or just training... More>>

Roger Hess

Roger Hess
I Just wanted to say thank you for your great product Rehydrate.... More>>

Kim Brummond

Kim Brummond - Dickinson, ND
All athletes (and non-athletes), including dogs, engaging in physical activities are potential targets for dehydration... More>>

Rody Best

Rody Best - Paige, TX
I started using Rehydrate last summer and I've been very pleased with the results.... More>>

Ron Ruhr

Ron Ruhr
I have used this product for almost a year now, and my dogs love... More>>

Brad & Tina Haynes

Brad & Tina Haynes - London, OH
I have been using Rehydrate regularly for approximately 4 months... More>>

Clint Johnson

Clint Johnson - El Paso, AR
We tried Rehydrate after the SRS Crown Championship... More>>

Jim Benson

Jim Benson - Blaine, MN
Dogs recovered quicker from a Saturday race for the Sunday race.... More>>

Jerry Papke

Jerry Papke - Kingston, MI
My dogs stay very well hydrated with Rehydrate. It's the... More>>

Tim McNaughton

Tim McNaughton
I tried Rehydrate this past week while guiding out in South Dakota... More>>

RJ Marquart

RJ Marquart - Moses Lake, WA
I started using rehydrate in August; I run horseback field trials... More>>

Martin Coffman

Martin Coffman
hroughout the '05-'06 hunting season, I used Rehydrate tablets on... More>>

Mike Gibson

Mike Gibson - Galena, KS
I am a very dedicated amateur retriever trainer/competitor and avid waterfowler... More>>

Dan Richmond

Dan Richmond - Woodbury, MN
Rehydrate is the best product I've found in the past 30 years... More>>

Chris Akin

Chris Akin - Bono, AR
For over 15 years of training sporting dogs for competition,... More>>

Stacey West

Stacey West - Louisburg, NC
Every year I try to evaluate our year with the dogs... More>>

Dan & Missy Heard

Dan & Missy Heard
At a Team Waterdog show on a hot day last August, our dogs were all... More>>

Capt. Jeff Kraynik

Capt. Jeff Kraynik
Here in the summertime heat of Florida, you're lucky to... More>>

Todd Siebell

Todd Siebell
I was out in South Dakota the week of Nov. 19 for my annual SD pheasant hunt.... More>>

Lyle Steinman

Lyle Steinman - Stewartsville, MO
During the early summer of 2006, we started using REHYDRATE ... More>>

Tellus Calhoun

Tellus Calhoun
Using ReHydrate has made a big difference in the performance of my dogs, especially in very hot conditions.... More>>