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Rehydrate Testimonial

Tellus Calhoun, Sutter Bay Retrievers Tellus Calhoun, Sutter Bay Retrievers Using ReHydrate has made a big difference in the performance of my dogs, especially in very hot conditions. I recently spent several weeks in the south competing in several events. The weather was very hot and humid and dogs were having a very difficult time recovering from long retrieves. Many dogs had to cool off in the swimming pool filled with ice water, though mine did not.

With the use of ReHydrate, my dogs were able to compete in back-to-back events, they recovered faster and as a result, 8 of 12 dogs qualified at a double header hunt test. I know using this product gave them an edge to coping with the stressful conditions.

"I credit the use of ReHydrate in my recent first place finish with Goldie at the Super Retriever Series in Oregon. The dogs had to train and run in very hot conditions. We used ReHydrate daily during this time, which enabled the dogs to recover faster and maintain the energy required for such a competition. I know ReHydrate was an important factor in Goldie's success that week. It was also a key component of our week long training for the Master National this year. Dogs who were struggling with the elements in our training group recovered more quickly with this product. I recommend it to all who train, hunt, and compete, especially when dealing with hot temperatures or humidity."

Tellus Calhoun
Sutter Bay Retrievers

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