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Rehydrate Testimonial

Burt Fosee

I have been training and hunting with Chesapeakes and Labs for many years. I discovered and tested the product in June of 2007 and my lab has been using Rehydrate ever since. I hunt waterfowl and upland game with her, as well as run in AKC HT. I like the way she can not get enough of the water once the tab has been dissolved. I don't have to nag her to drink on a warm day anymore.

Due to the high temps and humidity during the summer, we normally run two setups and some light drill work and call it a day. By using these tabs I can now run more setups and drills in one session. She seems to recover much quicker and can handle the elements longer than before.

Your dog wants to give you the maximum output that it is capable of. Help it by refueling with Rehydrate!!

Burt Fosse
Isanti, MN

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