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Rehydrate Testimonial

Elizabeth Howell The hunting season has come and gone, but I wanted to provide you with some feedback on the Rehydrate tables that I used on my two British golden Retrievers. I think the product is great and that it really works!

Initially, I spoke with several veterinarians about the product and sought to learn more about the benefits of electrolyte replacement for dogs. I discovered there was a lot of merit to this for working and "performance" dogs.

The dogs received Rehydrate during multi-day hunting trips in North and South Dakota for all their water breaks and in the evening. I found they drank more and liked the taste of Rehydrate. Drinking more is important to maximize a dog's energy and health while working, especially when conditions get warm.

My observations of my dogs' performance was surprising - and dramatic. First, I noticed they had energy all day long. They did not want to quit hunting. Second, when they started the next day's hunt, they were active and hunted enthusiastically all day long. Last, when I got them home after 5-6 days of hunting, they were not especially tired and did not sleep for three days straight like they had in past seasons. This occurred on all my trips. I am convinced that the Rehyrdate is responsible for the reduced fatigue and increased energy!

Rehydrate - along with a proper diet, conditioning, and common sense - serves to reduce stress on the dog and thereby enables the dog to maintain stamina throughout the day and allows the dog to recover more quickly overnight so he/she is ready to work again in the morning. After using Rehydrate for the season, I can't imagine hunting without it. And, I am planning to use it this spring and summer as I train my two Goldens for AKC hunt test trials.

Lochinvar, my 5-year old British male, will finish his AKC Master Hunter title this spring/summer and will be the only British show-pedigree Golden in the U.S. with his M.H. title. He loves Rehydrate and I use it for him regularly for hunting, training, and agility. If I can help you with any promotional plans, please give me a call.

Elizabeth Howell

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