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Rehydrate Testimonial

Brandon Mitchell Brandon Mitchell I expect alot form my retrievers. From the extensive training, exhaustive hunting in extreme conditions and the pressures of hunt test our dogs are expected to perform at the highest level. Re-Hydrate makes it posible for our dogs to perform at that high level by giving them the needed energy to perform. We have a marked increse in stamina, work ethic and most importantly vital sign and status checks in dogs. We maintian an awareness of our dogs status prio to training, during training, post training, and pre -kenneling. Re-hydrate has become an integral part of our program at backwater retrievers.

Our Dogs are employed by hunters, and guudes and hunt and perform in some of the most extreme conditions imaginable, and re-hydrate is there with them every step of the way.

Thanks for the research you guys performed to produce such an effective product.
Brandon Mitchell
Backwater Retrievers, LLC
8215 Castleberry Farms Drive
Gainesville, GA 30506

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