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Rehydrate Testimonial

Jack Morris

Training in Texas on Mondays we do single marked retrieves on land in the mornings so the dogs can loosen up. We work on head swinging and hopefully don't have any big hunts so we usually don't need the Rehydrate product. In the afternoon its water blinds and if any dog looks fatigued they get Rehydrate.

Tuesday's marks are big swims and take most of the day and we don't usually need Rehydrate.

Wednesday's a land quad always followed with Rehydrate, then land blinds.

Thursday's long water blinds (tune up drill) 45 min-1hr. per dog always followed with Rehydrate.

Friday can be a land triple or land water combo with blinds, hopefully, no Rehydrate needed.

I train all week like this and I know I get a lot more out of the dogs this way! I also notice that they are sharper because they are not as tired as in the past before using this product. In addition, I've noticed the animal's attention level has increased and in return we get more quality training. I usually have 3-5 people/clients on Friday and the dogs they bring in that are not in my daily program are fatigued due to two things - one being out of shape and two, this time of year with the heat or the combination of both. I have introduced Rehydrate to all of these people and they all agree with me on Rehydrate and I know they buy the product now.

In addition, I always use Rehydrate in Field Trials and Hunt Tests to keep my animals in top competitive shape and I highly recommend it to those who hunt or run dogs competitively.

Thank you for your time and your product.

Jack & Laura Morris
Stellar Retrievers
Giddings, Texas

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