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Rehydrate Testimonial

Terry Price Here at Oakridge Kennels we began using Rehydrate in early 2007. During the summer months here in the southeast last year we saw extreme dry, hot and humid conditions! We would begin training at daylight and have to stop our field work most days by noon due to the heat and humidity. I began using the Rehydrate effervescent tablets on select retrievers and the results of the retrievers on the product versus the retrievers that were not were truly distinguishable. Once these results revealed themselves we put all the retrievers on the truck on Rehydrate during training sessions. Our competitive retrievers are more focused during training and have a greater recovery time after working!

Because of the Rehydrate products our retrievers consistently performed better and had greater stamina during tough training sessions. We placed 23 hunt test titles on retrievers during 2007 and a large part of this success is due to the Rehydrate products.

Thanks for your support of our retriever sports and a wonderful product.
Terry Price,Owner/Trainer
Oakridge Kennels
Monroe, NC

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