Rehydrate - Essential Supplements for Your Dog's Water

Rehydrate Testimonial

Ron Ruhr, Owner - Out of the Blue Guide Service I have used this product for almost a year now, and my dogs love it!

I have been guiding for 23 years with 11 years in South Texas some of the hottest waterfowling in the states (and the weather is pretty warm, too)! Some mornings it's 75 degrees at 3:00 a.m. and gets up to 90. I've always made sure my dogs have water under these conditions.

When the weather gets foggy and the geese come your way, it can get pretty incredible. Over 100+ snow geese are bagged in the morning which can push your dog into exhaustion, dehydration, and worse. I now bring Rehydrate into the field with me daily. When the dogs need a drink, they will get Rehydrate dissolved in nice clean water every time.

They say dogs just know. They must know this stuff has what they need because I have offered plain water along side your product several times and the dogs pick Rehydrate every time!

Better yet, come hunt with me in Colorado, South Dakota, Minnesota, or Texas and I'll give you a demonstration first hand. Check out my web site at

Ron Ruhr
Owner, Out of the Blue Guide Service

P.S. - If you can't make it out for a hunt, get your dogs some Rehydrate and see how easy and fun it is to use... your dogs will love it!

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