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Rehydrate Testimonial

Lance Stancik

The first time I had the opportunity to try Rehydrate was during an afternoon Texas dove hunt in September 2007. The temperature was in the high 90's and it was to say the least hot. In conditions like that I normally have to switch dogs during the hunt to alleviate the chance of a dog overheating.Before that particular hunt I had given my dog Rehydrate and to my surprise he never showed the signs of fatigue and heat stress that we commonly see. That outing made me a strong believer.

In South Texas we constantly fight fatigue and stress due to the heat and have to be extra cautious about our dogs overheating. Rehydrate has given me the edge I need in training and hunting and I urge all to give a try. You won't be disappointed.

Thanks Rehydrate,
Lance Stancik
Backwater Retrievers and Waterfowl
La Grange, TX

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