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Rehydrate Testimonial

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During the early summer of 2006, we started using REHYDRATE Electrolyte Sports drink for our personal dogs and our dogs in training at our kennel. The summers in Missouri can be miserably HOT with unbearable humidity. This combination causes the dogs to have low energy levels and to dehydrate easily. REHYDRATE made a difference. We observed more energy and quicker recovery time in the dogs

Now we use REHYDRATE in all different scenarios. We use it during intense training and we use it on the road at hunt tests, field trials and at the Super Retriever Series. We also use it on lactating females and their puppies that are being weaned.

REHYDRATE really works!

Lyle & Debby Steinman
Greg & Patti Nelson
Castile Creek Kennels
Stewartsville, Missouri

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