Rehydrate - Essential Supplements for Your Dog's Water

Rehydrate Testimonial

Tony Vandemore

My dog Ruff is fortunate in that he gets to hunt almost daily from the beginning of September until the first part of April. Long days spent in the field and on the road are hard on a dog. Since I started using Rehydrate his recovery time has been shorter and his endurance has increased.

Ruff is a finicky eater when we're on the road. I'll soak his food in Rehydrate and he has no problem eating. It's a win/win situation with him getting fed and hydrated. Warm days in the field I take Rehydrate along and administer it in the field, no more worries about dehydration! Thanks!

Tony Vandemore
Avery Outdoors, Inc.
Kirksville, MO

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