Rehydrate - Essential Supplements for Your Dog's Water

Rehydrate Testimonial

Stacey West Every year I try to evaluate our year with the dogs with particular focus on our failures as well as how we can be better the following year. One of our successes has been the addition of Rehydrate to our competition formula.

I am always looking for ways to sharpen our competitive edge and Rehydrate has given us exactly that. I use it daily during training sessions as well as following each series at the Super Retriever Series, field trials, and hunt tests. The dogs love the flavor which encourages even the most finicky of dogs to drink, keeping them hydrated. Recovery is quick and their endurance on a really tough, long test is there.

It is so convenient that I keep a bottle in my pocket when out in the field hunting. I wouldn't take my dog anywhere without it!

Stacey West
Fowl Creek Kennels
Louisburg, NC

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